Working trip of representatives of NP SRO "DIRECTION.COM " in Rostov-on-don

From 25 to 27 April took place the working trip of representatives of NP SRO "DIRECTION.COM " in Rostov-on-don in the regional offices of members of the Association, namely the companies "Yug-Met" and "Akron holding".

Not only a number of current issues, but also joint strategic development plans were discussed with Rostov partners. ollege of "Yug-Met" came up on its production and procurement base, where he spoke about the peculiarities of the separate collection of scrap ferrous and nonferrous metals and demonstrated the latest equipment for secondary processing into finished products. Also, together with the back office "Yug-Met", the representatives of the RIVERBED conducted an analysis of banking services of Kiwi and a Diamond on the ground. As a result of the analysis, comments and recommendations were received on the optimization of products for further scaling in the branches of the holding.

Company "Yug-Met" is one of the leading players in the market lomozagotovki and scrap in Russia. Since 2017, the founder of the holding has been a member of the Presidium of NP nsro "RUSLOM.COM " and actively involved in the activities of the Association.

At the request of our colleagues, the head of the local division of Acron holding in Rostov, Ilya Kachapin, conducted a tour of the port territory of the holding, where he spoke in detail about the export direction of the company, in which Acron holding is a recognized leader in the industry.

Representatives of the CHANNEL.KOM was able to see and assess the scope of the branch and the volume of exports of scrap. At the port, the company established the process of cutting the decommissioned railway cars, marine vessels, and processing of electronic scrap.

After the business part, representatives of the CHANNEL.WHOM colleagues organized an interesting entertainment program. Impressed by the panorama of the city from the highest in Europe Ferris wheels and local cuisine.

After the rich two-day program, the colleagues wished each other success.